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Where To Find The Best Pizza in NYC?

If you are a pizza lover, you are in the right place. New York City is the pizza capital of the country. There are endless possibilities and places to indulge your pizza cravings with. The pizza is wonderful and well known for its great taste.

Pizza in other cities will do, but you haven’t really indulged in PIZZA until you’ve done it while looking at the Empire State building, or viewing the Brooklyn Bridge, or sitting in a diner in Queens, or Walking the streets in the Bronx holding a folded piece of pizza. At New York Gates we can recommend some of the favorites here. We love to help local restaurants as much as we can.

New York Pizza

When you have pizza in New York you can expect to have larger than life slices of the pie. They are usually made with thin crust and a nice sweet and tangy sauce. You pick up the hot, yummy, delicious slice and fold it in half and enjoy. 

The pizza is usually so good just on its own, most just order a cheese pizza without the toppings. The flavorful crispy crust, a mix of cheeses, and olive oil topped with fresh basil is so good you don’t need anything extra. Some great places to try are listed below. 


This is an excellent place to come and get pizza and have a great experience. The atmosphere of Lucali’s is something you will love. They roll out the pizza dough with wine bottles and cook them wood-fired ovens. The owner, Mark Lancono, never meant to have a pizza chef, but in an effort to save the neighborhood candy store where he grew up and the rest is history. 

Lucali is rated #1 in NYC and #2 in the county. Everyone loves just the basic cheese pizza from here. You can always choose to add more toppings, but there is no need to do so. This pizza has been explained as nothing but heavenly with the sweet tangy sauce and perfectly thin crust.  


This one of a kind place is a must-visit. Whether you are a resident or a visitor this is one place that will be a favorite. The pies are to die for, and you will want more. Each bite is filled with a sweet flavorful sauce and crispy thin crust. 

At Razza’s they make pizza in the Italian tradition and let the local and seasonal availability decide the toppings. All the vegetables used on your pie are grown by nearby farms. Each ingredient down to the salt is handpicked for the very best flavor and freshness available. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked.

Di Fara Pizza

Dom Demarco started this pizza joint in 1964 and is still there today. He is a hard-working man who still works behind the counter making pies. These pies are one hundred percent worth the wait. You will not regret your decision of going for pizza.

They come fully equipped with different kinds of cheeses and the perfect amount of olive oil and fresh basil. The fresh basil is personally grown by the owner and the flour and olive oil come from Italy. The thin crispy crust that has the right amount of crisp with every bite. 

Paulies Gee’s

This unique place that comes up with the most iconic toppings for pizza is a place you want to visit. Taking advantage of this fun experience is something you will love. You name it and I guarantee that they have topped a pizza with it. The building itself is something to see. There are plenty of fun things to look at and entertainment to be had.

The most popular pizza right now is the Freddie Prince. It’s a thick pan baked pizza that is chewy and crisp and creamy all at the same time.  Along with the mozzarella, there is a sprinkling of Pecorino that gives it a bit of a tang as well as sesame seeds that add a nuttiness that just takes this pizza to a whole new level. This is a place that will soon become a favorite stop.

Joe’s Pizza

Joe Pozzuoli created this pizza place in 1975, he originated from Italy. Joe still works in the restaurant and serves his customers. His pizza place has been rated in the top 10 places, and in 2009 in GQ magazine was named for best 25 pizzas in the world. Keeping things simple and a straightforward menu is how he does it. 

This delicious pizza has been described to have tangy great tasting sauce. Topped with fresh patches of mozzarella cheese and a crispy thin crust on the bottom. These pizzas are sold by the slice and made fresh to order. You won’t be disappointed with your choices to eat at Joe’s!

Matese Pizza

The unique name of this restaurant comes from a man who lived in a small town in Matese, Italy. Basing his restaurant on great tasting homemade ingredients to make it as traditional as it can. To ensure that you receive the best customer service you can, the owner still works there every day. 

All the food is wonderful and made to order. You can be assured that your food will be fresh and the serving size is hefty. You will leave having a delicious meal and needing a nap from all the food you ate. 

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