24/7 Emergency Service

Why you need a 24/7 Security Gate Service Plan

When it comes to the security gates that New York City’s home residences, businesses, and apartment buildings all rely on a daily basis  – not having an ongoing maintenance service plan is equal to not being prepared for any upcoming emergencies. For businesses that are responsible for staying compliant with local agencies and commercial security gate standards and regulations, proper maintenance and emergency service plans are a necessity. The facts are simple, regular maintenance plans help to prevent costly and inconvenient system failures, which also can lead to dangerous security breaches. Having a gate company already on hand that is pre-dedicated to your after-hour emergency repairs is paramount to already having a waiting solution to your potential gate problems – at the simple touch of a phone – Now that’s what’s called good old-fashioned thinking ahead-of-time in order to help prevent problems from happening in the future.

Finding the Right Gate Technician

It must be understood in establishing a proper security gate regimen that its success totally relies on having the right maintenance technicians working on your gates. This is no job for the average maintenance person, and especially not for an amateur. The safety and reliability factors involved with the machinery require trained professionals that are knowledgeable in automated gate assemblies. Amateurs attempting to work on security gate systems tend to cause even more cost and downtime that could have been easily avoided by using the right gate company in the first place. Trained technicians are also highly adept at quickly diagnosing a repair or potential problem. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule will  extend the shelf-life of your security gate, saving you more money in the long run.

New York Gates offers expert maintenance packages and 24/7 emergency gate repair service that fits all types of residences, businesses, and parking garages. Call them today at (718) 614-0616 or visit their Contact Us page online in order to set up a convenient consultation.

What’s a Proper Maintenance Plan?

Keeping a security gate functioning properly and well maintained doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail in order to keep up such a highly used item in people’s everyday lives. Nature can also have a terribly negative effect on security gates if they’re neglected. Gates must be regularly checked, cleaned, and kept clear from pests that may eat through vital wiring, as well as other harmful pests that like to nest. This is another reason why automatic gate equipment needs preventive maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep down expensive repairs. With spring here, it’s time to clean equipment, do routine maintenance, and fix any repairs that need be done. This will ensure fewer problems next winter – when the adverse weather becomes another big factor in keeping your security gate both efficiently and consistently functioning.

Internal gate mechanisms must be properly lubricated, sensors checked, alignments adjusted, etc. etc. New York Gates services the five boroughs of New York City. They are the manufacturing and structural experts who can eliminate safety hazards and accommodate most every customer’s needs. Their trained technicians recommend calling a professional immediately after experiencing any problems with a gate, such as resistance or safety issues. They recommend regular maintenance calls and basic repairs at least once a year, or more.

24/7 Emergency Gate Service

One thing that you don’t want to have to do when your security gate breaks down is to have to wait forever to get it fixed. This is also why it’s recommended that you vet a reliable gate company that will provide quick, responsive emergency service. Emergency gate service also needs to be available 24/7 in order to be effective. Most gate companies can make it out during regular business hours. The dedicated gate professionals you need are going to provide twenty-four-hour emergency service calls.

Being Prepared for Anything

The New York Gate Company points out on their Emergency Service web page, that “Any number of issues from robberies, to harsh weather conditions, to simply misplacing one’s key, can require calling for emergency gate repair in New York City,” obviously, not having an emergency plan already emplace can be a major and costly inconvenience. This is why we strongly recommend setting up emergency service. For business owners, whether big or small, retail, warehouse, apartment or office building, either not being able to close or open a gate for business in the morning – is going to be a major financial and safety liability. In the Five Boroughs of New York City, calling New York Gates for same day gate repair service will ensure that you won’t have to forfeit a whole day’s profit. With so many working parts involved, IE: security gate’s openers, entry systems, and access control points, regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency repair service is a must. It actually helps to save you money in the long-run. So why wouldn’t someone want the peace of mind that having a 24/7 on call professional gate company gives them? We have no clue!

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