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How To Get An Estimate For Your Security Gate

There are many options to consider when investing in or replacing a security gate for your property. If this is your first time, don’t worry, there are professionals who specialize in this field to bring you industry insight and information.. Whether you use an internet search, contractor referral site, or solicit estimates from referral sources here are specific details to include and general guidelines for getting an estimate on your project.

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Word of mouth is by far the best way to find out which security gate companies offer the best value. Have you noticed security gates you like at neighboring properties? Do your friends have a company they have used and like? Word of mouth referrals are the most trustworthy way to find security gate companies that align with your values. Look for companies that offer free consultations and set up some meetings in person following the rules for social distancing in your area.

Internet searches. Look companies up via Google and Better Business Bureau sites. Most established company websites will have positive and negative feedback from customers including the BBB. Pay attention to both. Look for the company’s response to negative entries for insight into how they handle customer issues.

Shop for value, not price. Of course, price matters or you wouldn’t be getting an estimate to budget with. Your security gate is not the item to bargain shop for. Be clear about what you are looking for in the way of quality, installation, cost of ownership, financing, and service after the sale. Does a company that answers emergency lock-out calls 24/7 in the snow and rain add value to you?  

Security gates are major appliances that live outside, exposed to the elements, and we expect them to work flawlessly forever. And like all appliances, there will be maintenance, accidents, and parts that wear and need replacing. A good parallel is a garage door. In its lifetime, a garage door goes through 1500 or more cycles per year. Your security gate will too. 

Size matters. How large is the space the gate/s will cover? Bigger gates require more materials and support mechanisms. Materials like wood can be economical, with metals like aluminum and steel being more expensive, but stronger and longer-lasting. Bigger installations also require more labor to complete. These are specifics you will want in your estimates.

Features matter too. We live in a day when everything can be connected. Access can be controlled through multiple modalities.  Keypads, fobs or cards, wireless phones, remote control, pressure sensors, and voice and face recognition are available for secure access today. What are your accessibility needs? These options are not as expensive as you’d think. Would you like the ability to remotely open your security gate from another state? Have you considered remote monitoring and tracking? Or even including your security gate into your home automation system? Have these noted in your estimates as you need as well.

In our experience, we have found these factors to affect the cost estimates the most.

  1. Manual vs. Automatic gates. Manual gates are still a viable option and start as low as $150. While Automatic gates are far more popular, starting around $3000.
  2. Pre-Fab vs. Custom-made gates. Pre-fab or ready-made options are available and an excellent choice for customers who have no special preferences. Sometimes for as little as $750 to install. These are common for customers whose gates are in the rear of the property. For those with security gates in the front of the property, this will be the first thing your visitors see, and you will likely have some preferences or requirements. Which will affect the price.
  3. Solar-powered vs. Electric powered gate systems. Solar power is a great energy savings addition to any property. A huge benefit to solar-powered systems is they are the easiest to retrofit to an existing structure that may not have power available at the gate site. Solar power installs can range from $1000-$2000. The limit with Solar powered gate installs is they are geared for smaller gates. Electric powered gate systems can work with systems of all sizes. Getting the power to the gate site makes these labor-intensive and therefore costly to install at $3000 or more.
  4. Slide gate vs. Swing gate systems. Swing gate systems can be the most value for your money if you have the space for them to work. Like the name implies, the gates swing open and closed. They commonly range from $800-$1600. In some situations, the swing of the gate/s takes up valuable parking space, so the Sliding gate system is used. Sliding gates open and close like barn doors on a track. The cost of space-saving sliding gates can range from $2000-$4000 to install.
  5. Security gate materials. Today four materials are used for security gates, in order of least to most expensive. With vinyl, you can spend as little as $200 on a single gate. The downside is durability, as vinyl is prone to warping, fading, and becoming brittle in some environments. If this is your option, budget accordingly for replacement in the future. The price range for wood gates runs from $400-$4000 depending on variety, finish, size, and upgrades. Aluminum is a popular material for security gates. This great metal is lightweight, strong, and durable in the elements. Aluminum gates run about $800 and up. Steel, being the ultimate in strength and the most durable of the materials, is likewise the most expensive. Common installations start around $1000.

What is the best security gate option for you? Call New York Gates today and let us help you with service and solutions to fit your needs. Initial consultations are always free. Security gates are our field of expertise and we have professionals waiting to hear from you. We help customers as individuals with specific needs, so you can trust we will deliver the solution that satisfies you!

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