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Retailers in business districts across the country are contending with demonstrations, protestors, vandals, and looters.  Rising burglary rates in New York City have local business owners focusing on security for their property and employees. One of our security standbys, the rolling security shutter, is one of the first things to consider for keeping your business secure.

Security for Businesses of All Sizes 

Retail businesses of all sizes use countertop and rolling shutters to secure everything from the storefront to the business office windows and bank teller stations. In many small business kiosks, these service ways serve the same purpose. You have seen these kinds of shutters all over New York City in food courts, mall kiosks, banks, pawnshops, and vending areas at arenas or stadiums. Businesses also use them to secure their doorways and garage entrances.

How Do Counter Top and Rolling Shutters Work?

Countertop and rolling shutters are simple and easy to use. They work with the security rule of “Hide and Lock”. There are many sizes and configurations but they all work in the same general manner. Think of a rolling, metal slat window shade, fitted to your countertop or doorway. When they are closed, they present a solid metal barrier secured at multiple points that can only be opened with proper access. When it’s time for business, they unlock and spool up on tracks like a window shade above the countertop or traffic way.

Countertop shutters are an essential part of the physical security of your employees and your business. This type of shutter is a security standard used by businesses for decades. They can serve as both a primary barrier and a secondary barrier of protection. Teller windows, business office windows, etc… utilize shutters inside the main buildings where most of the cash and valuables are handled for employee safety as well as an additional barrier to theft.

When closed these shutters keep prying eyes from seeing in. Blocking an outsider’s view of employees, equipment, valuables, etc… until it’s time to open shop. Property that is out of sight and out of reach is hard to steal. Employees behind a closed shutter are more secure to handle cash or valuables in privacy. When countertop shutters are open, they can be quickly closed in the event of a threat to employee safety or property damage. 

Countertop and rolling shutters are designed with security in mind, strong enough to withstand impact and damage from tools. These shutters require only 25lbs. or less to lift or pull for opening and closing. If the shutter is larger or there are requirements for other options, there are hand cranks, switches and motors, and technology to automate them with the touch of a button. 

The primary material is high-quality steel for obvious reasons. And there are options for finishes in a wide variety of colors, stainless, galvanized, powder coating, and clear coat, to blend into the area or match a particular look. Many businesses use the face of their shutters for advertising space with their logos and business colors.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

A typical countertop shutter size may run 21” wide by 10” high in most New York City businesses. Larger rolling shutters are available for doorways and traffic ways where gates or grills would take up too much space. One of the powerful benefits of rolling shutters is the way they store themselves in a very compact space. They are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t. 

The intimidation factor of rolling shutters is real. Big metal barriers have that visual effect. More than a few of our retail customers have reported steep decreases in burglary attempts after shutters were installed in their businesses. The tough, metal look of these shutters makes your site a hard target for burglaries. Many criminals will think twice and look for easier pickings. Simple yet effective. In today’s world where criminals are not concerned about cameras or alarms, shutters still prove to be effective deterrents. 

Simple Reliable Economical Security

Rolling security shutters are a cost-effective way to lock down the counters and traffic ways. These shutters can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending of course on the size and options needed. Add to this the fact that security shutters are a low tech security option. They do not rely on technology to operate in most cases and will not become outdated soon after installation. The main cost of ownership over time lies in maintenance and possibly rekeying locks. New York Gates is here for all of your service needs to keep your shutters working far into the future.

Are You Protected?

New York Gates continues to be the leading supplier and servicer of rolling shutters in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. For close to twenty years we have offered turn-key, full-service design, installation, and service for your security shutter needs. The first consultation is a full assessment of security needs and a plan with options to fill those needs. All according to current municipal codes and authorities. Next come the options to suit you regarding size, access, and operation, as well as finishing touches and a service program. No two businesses are alike and we can customize options and programs for your peace of mind. Our insight quickly becomes your insight. We are experts in this field so you can make informed decisions about your security shutter needs.

Longevity and service are a part of the deal. New York Gates offers top quality shutter brands with best in class materials because you count on the security of your business. By servicing what we install you only need one point of contact for upgrades, service, and emergencies. We are here for you.

New York Gates is the leading security gate and commercial garage door supplier and installer in New York City. We service all the 5 boroughs of NYC. 

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