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5 Benefits of Fire Shutters

Fires account for one in every ten insurance claims by businesses, according to a recent study by Hartford Insurance Company. The same study found damage from fires at the top of the list of the most expensive claims. A fire in a business can start for many reasons, and extensive

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6 Ways to Self-Diagnose a Faulty Security Gate

A security gate is an important addition to your home or business. It provides a sense of security, helps to lower insurance premiums, and in most cases provides an aesthetic upgrade as well. Of course all the benefits of the item are lost when your security gate begins to malfunction.

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How to Choose the Right Garage Door For Your Home

According to most Cost versus Value Reports, replacing your home’s garage doors is one of the best investments  in all of your property with a typical return of over 90%. The reason a garage door replacement is so fruitful is because it’s a multi-functional renovation. Your home can benefit in

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How Much Maintenance Does A Garage Door Require?

Garage doors are pretty reliable; they open, they close, ta-da, that’s it. However, they’re still machines and machines need maintenance. To ensure that your garage door is kept in tight shape, and to dodge a few breaks, accidents, or funny but painful mistakes, it’s important to apply regular and sometimes

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DIY: How to Fix A Garage Door That’s Stuck

One could say that garage doors are the simplest objects in a house; with the press of a button, the door automatically opens and closes all by itself with no effort from you. Until it doesn’t. When your garage door gets stuck, you may be ready to call a handyman

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Garage Doors: Repair Vs. Replace

To repair or replace, that is the question. People have been contemplating this quandary for ages. A garage door in disrepair is not only inconvenient to deal with, but it can also be downright dangerous. It’s good to be able to know what a do-it-yourself project is, and when it’s

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