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Shutters for Mini Applications in the Bronx

Fire shutters help safeguard small businesses in the Bronx in all circumstances.

Every application, no matter its size, needs a state-of-the-art security solution against thieves and vandals. When people think of security gates they usually picture heavyweight gates over shop fronts or constructions in front of large buildings. However, the little memorabilia stall outside Yankee Stadium, the pastry shop in Little Italy, and the snack bar at Van Cortlandt Park Ice Skating Rink all need to be secured at closing time. The solution is shutters to keep tiny applications in and around the Bronx protected.

For over a decade New York Gates has been manufacturing and supplying the most advanced shutters and security gates in the Bronx and the entire tri-state area. These shutters are perfectly suited to miniature applications in the Bronx, because they are attractive, yet strong. In other words, they complement rather than dominate the overall look and feel, even brand, of a small business. This is extremely important when a business has limited space with which to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. To help them, New York Gates manufactures shutters in the widest range of materials, colors, finishes and designs. Other examples of business with small openings or window openings that require shutters would be a duty-free kiosks at an airport near the Bronx, luxury jewelry booths, concession stands, and cashier windows to name a few.

New York Gates ensures that its shutters also provide robust and durable security for every businesses in and around the Bronx. To achieve this, each shutter is made by expert craftsman using proven methods and excellent materials. The company gives each customer individual attention and expert advice to make sure they choose a shutter that meets all their requirements – from aesthetics to structural, and that guarantees them long-term security.

The company produces another product called fire shutters for establishments in and around the Bronx. These shutters are also available in different finishes and colors. For example, customers usually choose stainless steel fire shutters if they own a commercial kitchen in the Bronx as it matches modern kitchen appliances whilst offering functionality and style. Shutters are typically fitted with small, flat or curved, 1.5″ slats that can be powder-coated, painted, or galvanized depending on the requirements. The lowest bar can also be built from regular steel or stainless steel.

From the operating motors within to the type of paint coating used, New York Gates makes sure that all fire shutters meet official fire regulations as well as industry standards governing the Bronx. Shutters are designed to be easy to use and are supplied with safety features, such as remote, manual or time-controlled operation in case of a power failure and automatic closing in case of smoke alarms. These features help prevent people from being injured and properties from being damaged.

Another way New York Gates ensures that fire shutters fully protect staff and properties in the Bronx, is by carrying out its own shutter installations, maintenance and repairs. Installations rendered by inexperienced personnel can cause shutters to breakdown, which could be devastating in a case of fire. It may also cause customers to waste money on future replacements. Wherever shutters or fire shutters are located in and around the Bronx, and no matter the how small the application, New York Gates experts are always ready to help customers and to guarantee their security and protection in all situations.

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