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Rolling Aluminum Grills of Staten Island

Rolling mall grills provide the best security solution for Staten Island businesses located inside a mall.

Staten Island is the borough where tennis made its debut in the 1880, was home to the New York City’s first drive-in movie theatre, and has the third most visited attraction in New York City — the Staten Island Ferry, which transports over 65,000 people a day and over 1.5 million tourists a year. There are many cultural centers, a botanical garden, great theatres, a zoo, museums, small boutiques, family owned businesses, the mall, countless restaurants, and the famous Staten Island Yankees Stadium. At the end of a busy day, rolling aluminum grills produced by New York Gates, are the best safeguard against thieves and vandals for Staten Island’s smaller businesses and properties.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been the a leading innovator in the manufacture and supply of world class rolling aluminum grills for businesses in Staten Island and the tri-state area. The company has a well-earned reputation for bringing clients the widest range of high-performance security gates for any type of application. Each product is crafted by industry experts from high-end materials using the latest techniques. This guarantees customers a product that provides durability, excellent quality, and long-term security.

In fact, there are so many types of gates available, that customers receive expert guidance, with company specialists even visiting them on-site to ascertain their requirements from a technical, aesthetic and budget point of view. For instance, rolling aluminum grills are best suited to shops located within a building. These provide the same strength as steel grilles, but have more aesthetic appeal. This also makes them a wise choice for smaller businesses compared to heavy-duty gates required for vast premises like warehouses or loading dock. New York Gates’ frank advice has prevented many clients from squandering their hard-earned money on unsuitable gates and even having to pay for expensive replacements down the line.

Rolling mall grills are also excellent security gates for small businesses located inside malls, such as Staten Island Mall. These shops have their own security and technical requirements. They also need to consider aesthetics to remain competitive, fit in with the luxurious interiors of the mall itself, while some have to adhere to strict design guidelines of a specific brand. Hence the grills are manufactured from lighter materials than steel, are coated with an anti-rust plastic sleeve, and installed using specific techniques. They are also available in a vast range of colors and styles.

Understanding technical details are essential in selecting rolling mall grills for applications in Staten Island and the entire tri-state area. It is just as important for gates to be installed, repaired and maintained by a professionals only. Inexperienced workers may damage a gate rendering it inoperable and leaving a business unprotected. For example, only experts would know that a standard aluminum grill installation needs an aluminum grill curtain, extruded aluminum guides, oil tempered torsion springs, continuous steel wall angles, a steel pipe barrel, steel brackets for wall attachments, and possibly a galvanized steel or aluminum cover.

New York Gates guarantees that its rolling mall grills for customers, no matter where they are located in or around Staten Island, provide top security against thieves and vandals well into the future.

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