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Shutters for Mini Manhattan

Fire shutters are essential for security and against fire even for the smallest Manhattan business.

You’ve probably seen shutters fitting snugly in small Manhattan apertures a million times – on concession stands, duty- free kiosks, countertops, cashier windows and more. You’ve probably also never given them a second thought. However, these compact devices are as important to the security and livelihood of a business as are huge industrial ceiling-to-floor security gates fronting a loading dock.

The fact is, if these miniature security gates are unobtrusive, they’ve achieved their purpose. Leading security gate manufacturers New York Gates, have perfected the art of designing state-of-the-art shutters for Manhattan businesses that blend aesthetics, functionality and security.

In fact, with more than a decade of experience, New York Gates is able to manufacture any type of security gate for a business no matter the application, its size or the customer’s budget. No owner wants to ruin the appearance or their store especially when it is small and an ugly front will be obvious. Also, given that such businesses are often located in open spaces containing many competing stores, such as airports or malls, aesthetics are even more important. Therefore, New York Gates offers shutters in a wide range of colors, finishes, and dimensions to suit every client in Manhattan and the entire tri-state area.

Fire shutters are another popular choice for Manhattan establishments. These are usually fitted with small, 1.5″, curved or flat slats, which can be powder coated, galvanized or painted. The bottom bar can be made from stainless steel or steel. Stainless steel fire shutters are usually the choice for Manhattan commercial kitchens as they blend functionality with style — they are rust-proof and compliment modern kitchen appliances.

New York Gates makes sure that all shutters and fire shutter are sturdy and provide full security, yet are safe and easy to lift and operate by Manhattan staff. To achieve this, before any installation, the company’s experts conduct a full analysis of the needs of each business. Next, quality craftsmen use best-in-class and most durable materials in their design. Fire shutters are also produced in accordance with all Manhattan Fire Department regulations. By meeting these laws, customers are saved from having to waste money on shutters that don’t comply.

As with large fire doors, fire shutters protecting small Manhattan apertures are fitted with safety features to prevent staff injury. For example, in case of a fire they close automatically to prevent it from spreading and damaging the merchandise within. Fire shutters are also available in a wide array of colors and finishes and can be sealed for extra protection against the weather to prolong their lifecycle. They can be closed on a timer, manually operated with a hand crank or remote controlled.

At the end of the day, the key to security lies in selecting shutters and fire shutters for Manhattan’s smaller applications that combine superior design, with long-lasting use. No matter what the nature of the business, protecting property and merchandise after closing is as important as bringing in customers during the day.

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