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Electric Gate Operators ― for Queens Applications

Rolling gate motors ensure the smooth operation and ongoing security of Queens’ security gates.

With theft and vandalism an ever-present concern for business and home owners, security gates have taken on increasing significance. While they are not a novelty, the sophistication of their internal operating mechanisms and designs are constantly advancing.

New York Gates has been a leading security gate manufacturer for over a decade. The company maintains its position by consistently offering the most advanced products using best-in-class craftsmen, state-of-the-art materials, advanced technology, and leading manufacturing techniques. Today, the effortlessness of operating electric gates makes it an increasingly popular choice over hand-cranking alternatives. However, only the best electric gate operators ensure that security gates in and around Queens run smoothly for the long-term.

With its highly experienced technicians, New York Gates’ electric gate operators are able to meet the requirements of every customers in Queens and the entire tri-state area. They are also available in a wide range of models to ensure that every application has reliable internal mechanisms that are robust enough to stand the test of time and ensure full security.

Electric gate operators are not light-weight contraptions either. They are usually mounted on security gates protecting extremely demanding industrial applications in Queens and its surrounding boroughs. Good examples are warehouses and loading docks where ease-of-operation, dependability, and strength are crucial. Electric gate operators are also used to operate vertical or high-lift sectional security doors or fire doors in Queens, where manual operation would be problematic.

New York Gates also manufactures light-weight electric gate operators for gates protecting Queens’ smaller commercial applications as well as residential driveways. In fact, there is a solution for every application from sliding and ordinary garage door operators, to rolling door operator systems, trolley operators, and swinging door operators.

Another in-demand product is New York Gates’ rolling gate motors for businesses in Queens and its surrounding boroughs. These are ‘trolley-type’ operating systems that use rails to create a path along which the door can travel. The gate is connected to a traveling mechanism, which in turn is connected by a chain to the motor.

“Hoist and jackshaft” rolling gate motors are the most common products used to operate grille applications in Queens. These are fitted in front of the hood or on the side of the gate and have a hand chain or safety lever for manual operation in case electricity fails or batteries die. New York Gates’ rolling gate motors meet all security and fire regulations governing Queens and its surrounds.

In addition, New York Gates supplies the extremely robust MG rolling gate motors for Queens’ heavy security gates with many cycles per hour. Another model, slide door operators are the rolling gate motors of choice for sectioning off fire partitions, warehouse areas or freezer doors in Queens. These are fitted with security communication and battery backup.

The company, which carries out all of its own professional installations, maintenance and repairs, is a leader when it comes to advising customers in order to make sure they choose rolling gate motors that best suit their Queens’ application. These measures keep gates running effortlessly, whilst providing top security all year round.

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