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Commercial Garage Doors Defending the Bronx

A residential garage door is the best way to secure a property and vehicles in the Bronx.

For the first time in decades, people are moving to the Bronx. The image of abandoned buildings is being replaced by new housing developments as well as the renovation of old ones. As people continue to be priced out of their homes in neighboring boroughs, the Bronx is the final frontier.
Between 2000 and year-end 2007 alone, 27,835 new residential units were issued permits in the Bronx. Housing density has also decreased and the number of cars per household has inversely increased – even if people live close to public transportation, most have a car. As the population rises, so will the number of cars, therefore having excellent commercial garage doors to protect vehicles in the Bronx is essential.

Before installing a commercial garage doors in the Bronx, home owners should check that the supplier is well established and reputable. There are many types of commercial garage doors and every application in and around the Bronx has different technical requirements, therefore suppliers must be able to offer customers expert advice as to which door to choose. New York Gates, a leading manufacturer of the most advanced commercial garage doors for homes and businesses in the Bronx and the entire tri-state area, even sends experts to visit customers on-site if necessary to help in the decision-making process.

The company has built up a reputation for more than a decade for the quality and durability of its products, such as commercial garage doors, for customers in the Bronx and the entire tri-state area. The company’ doors are easy to operate, functional and durable. To achieve this, New York Gates uses the best craftsmen, the most robust and innovative materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. Each gate is built to withstand all weather conditions, frequent use and to accommodate all applications. Nevertheless, like any hard working mechanical device, every commercial and residential garage door in and around the Bronx experiences wear and tear and should be maintained at least once a year. This must done by professionals and New York Gates provides this service.

Moreover, company experts carry out all residential garage door installations and repairs no matter where in the Bronx an application is located. Doors fitted unprofessionally and incorrectly may break and need repairs, even expensive replacements down the line.

The mere presence of a residential garage door protecting a property in the Bronx, or the entire tri-state, is also a deterrent to thieves as it indicates that a home is secured. According to the latest crime data collected from the FBI, there have been 5,353 burglaries, 21,804 cases of theft and 2,262 motor vehicle thefts in the Bronx. The most recent NYPD statistics report that over the past year, the Bronx has seen a 2.6 percent decrease in grand larceny, which includes auto theft, however, looking at statistics over the past two years, the figure has increased 4.2 percent. The number also seems to fluctuate weekly, in one week, incidents even increased 17.9 percent. This means home owners cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Having the most advanced residential garage door is therefore indispensable in all areas of the Bronx.

New York Gates’ trained experts also appreciate the importance of aesthetics. An ugly residential garage door protecting new residential units in the Bronx can ruin their appeal as well as lower their re-sale value. The company therefore offers customers a wide selection of residential garage door materials, colors, finishes and designs to help customers in and around the Bronx find a perfect match that gives them the unconditional security and safety they deserve.

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