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Garage Doors – More than just Brooklyn’s Security

Garage and overhead doors should not only protect Brooklyn homes, but add to their elegance.

Just as businesses need protection, so do homes and for more than a decade, New York Gates has been supplying best-in-class garage doors to residents in Brooklyn and the entire tri-state area.

The reason people consistently choose New York Gates’ garage doors for their Brooklyn homes, is largely due to the company’s reputation for producing superior products and for providing top customer service every time – whether it’s a new client or someone just seeking gate repair or maintenance.

While almost every home features a garage door in Brooklyn, choosing one is not as simple as it may seem. When choosing a garage door for a commercial property esthetics are important, but the focus is mostly on security and durability. Aesthetics take on a much greater importance when it comes to choosing a garage door, which is probably the first thing that greets a Brooklyn resident when they get home. After possibly spending a tidy fortune on purchasing and perhaps decorating an abode, no-body wants the overall look and feel marred by an ugly gate — no matter how good the security it provides. A house also reflects the personality of its occupants.

New York Gates’ trained and expert staff fully understand each customer’s unique requirements and respect their tastes. Firstly, after visiting a customer on-site, they are more than qualified to guide and advise customers on what garage door or overhead door will best suit their Brooklyn application from a technical and security perspective. The company has a vast range of door types for every home or business. Secondly, a staff member will carefully listen to the aesthetic requirements of every customer and help in the decision-making process. In fact, by supplying the widest range of door colors and finishes, be it wood, vinyl, or steel, the choice is actually easier, because there is a choice!

This wide choice of garage and overhead doors is also attractive to home owners in Brooklyn who already have a door, but wish to give their property a facelift. One doesn’t need to spend huge amounts on renovations, because simply changing a garage door can completely transform the overall look of a home’s exterior and actually take it from mundane to elegant and beyond. There is also nothing worse than a beautiful and well-kept home marred by an old, weather-beaten garage door.

Having stressed aesthetics, customers who choose New York Gates as their supplier are guaranteed that no matter what gate they choose, it will not only provide outstanding security, but has been crafted from high-standard, robust materials and by industry experts.

Overhead doors also secure many warehouses in Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. The reason is that besides their attractiveness, they have proven themselves a robust and durable choice in protecting large, high-traffic premises and businesses against theft and vandalism.

Whether a client has chosen a garage or overhead door for their Brooklyn home or business, New York Gates always conducts its own installations and maintenance. Professional installation is crucial for a gate to function perfectly, to do so for the long-term and to save customers money if a gate needs to be repaired or even replaced because it was poorly mounted.

As a trusted and leading supplier of the best doors, New York Gates helps customers focus on other issues involved in maintaining their commercial or private residence, without the added headache of worrying about the garage door!

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