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Rolling Fire Doors – Securing Brooklyn Structures

Prevent hazards and avoid disaster by installing the best fire rated gates in Brooklyn and beyond.

Last year, Brooklyn’s fire department responded to 7,690 fires within structures compared to 8,015 in the previous year. There were 754 severe fires — those requiring a large response team of at least four units of fire dispatchers, compared to 850 year-on-year. Last month, there were 702 structural and 57 severe fires compared to 604 and 68 respectively in the previous corresponding month. Fortunately, buildings usually shoulder the most damage and not their occupants.

While these figures aren’t meant to cause alarm, they are a strong reminder that installing rolling fire doors is an essential safety measure in Brooklyn and every tri-state city. These doors can help business owners protect their property and its contents. Minimizing fire damage could be the make or break between staying in business and being forced to close shop due to huge losses.

New York Gates is an industry leader in manufacturing rolling fire doors that help protect Brooklyn business against such a disaster. The gates are made from tough, fire-grade materials that meet stringent fire and safety standards. Every rolling fire door is designed to prevent the uncontrolled spread of a fire throughout a Brooklyn building to protect lives, property, income and employment.

The company’s rolling fire doors and fire rated gates are widely used in Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. They can even be found protecting fire departments themselves. There are many types of doors and gates and company experts have the experience to help customers choose the correct one for their application. These experts are familiar with and constantly updated as to the rules and laws governing fire hazards. For example, a commercial property may be ordered to install fire rated gates by the Brooklyn fire department.

While rolling fire doors are essential for every Brooklyn businesses, they are particularly important for those dealing with chemicals or toxins, such as commercial kitchens and machinery rooms. They are also used to gate corridors that require an emergency exit and where a swing door is inadequate — such as in schools or hospitals. Rolling fire doors are also ideal in dividing large areas like lobbies, retail areas, museums, and even casinos in and around Brooklyn.

Authorities often instruct business owners to install a fire rated gates in their Brooklyn structure that is a listed fire door in a rated firewall. This means a door has met industry safety standards and is listed as such. A ‘rated firewall’ is a fire-resistant blockade that has been tested and rated as capable of preventing fires from spreading inside and between structures. The test checks how long the gate or door can withstand a fire. New York Gates guarantees that its fire rated gates designated for any Brooklyn application are tested, listed and rated. They are also programmable to close instantly when a smoke or fire alarms is triggered. This prevents a fire from spreading for up to 3 hours, giving fire departments time to respond.

New York Gates does its own installations, maintenance and repairs of fire rated gate in and around Brooklyn. A gate installed or fixed by an inexperienced layman can cause a failure in the case of an emergency. This is just an additional safety measure and extended service that the company provides customers to ensure their livelihood and of course, personal safety.

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