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Broken Spring Repair Protects Staten Island

Immediate electric gate repair prevents Staten Island properties falling victim to break-ins.

Every year in the United States around 2 million homes are burgled, almost every 13 seconds a home is broken into, and those with no security systems are 300 percent more likely to be targeted. Despite these worrying statistics, only 17 percent of residences have a security system in place. According to recent NYPD annual statistics, 707 homes were broken into in Staten Island at a rate of 1.51 percent per 1,000 residents. The message is clear — investing in top security gates to protect one’s property and its contents, is the only way to avoid becoming another statistic.

New York Gates has been a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art security gates for every type of application for more than a decade. As industry specialists, the company still reminds customers that no matter how cutting-edge gates are, they are all susceptible to deterioration and need regular maintenance. The most common example is the need for broken spring repair — a service delivered by the company throughout Staten Island and the entire tristate area.

Moreover, company experts provide immediate broken spring repair so that properties and their occupants in Staten Island are never left unprotected. The reason why New York Gates emphasizes broken spring repair, is that springs are a vital element of every kind of gate fronting a Staten Island application and also endure the most strain. If the band springs break, for example, gates leave the tracks along which they run and fail to work. Customers need to watch for gates that feel heavy to lift or fail to lift completely, as a sign of spring damage.

New York Gates also offers professional and fast electric gate repair services to customers no matter where they are located in and around Staten Island. Electric gates are one of the vast range of security gates manufactured by the company, yet no matter how advanced they are and no matter how robust their mechanical parts, New York Gates will be the first to honestly caution customers that all gates are subject to wear and tear. Over time, gates can become misaligned, come off their tracks, sustain weather damage, wiring may deteriorate, or a spring may corrode. Whatever the reason, the company immediately dispatches an electric gate repair expert to the client in Staten Island or one of its surrounding boroughs, to appraise the damage and perform the repair.

The reason for only sending specialists to do the electric gate repair is that mistakes by inexperienced workers can cause more gate damage, exposing Staten Island properties vandals and break-ins. For the very same reason, and to ensure the longevity of its products, New York Gates carries out all its own gate installations at the outset.

Another way the company helps customers reduce the frequency and probability of requiring electric gate repair is by helping them choose a security gate that perfectly matches the technical specifications of their Staten Island application. Additionally, customers are advised to schedule annual maintenance ahead and no matter how large or small their application, every repair is treated with the same level importance.

Adept and immediate electric gate and broken spring repair is an excellent way to protect Staten Island’s businesses and homes from thieves and from becoming a statistic.

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