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Garage Door Repair in Manhattan

Expert gate maintenance means uninterrupted safety for Manhattan homes.

A security door is probably the hardest working element in a house or a business, so needing garage door repair for one’s Manhattan application should not come as a surprise. It also does not necessarily mean that the gate is low-grade.

Why necessarily? There is no question that the full functionality and life span of a garage door depends on how it was manufactured and by whom. New York Gates has been a leading producer of commercial and residential garage doors and gates for more than a decade. Each is created by experienced craftsman using only premium and durable materials.

Garage doors can also malfunction if they are not professionally installed, which is why New York Gates carries out every installation itself. Lastly, the actual garage door repair for every Manhattan application should only be carried out by professionals.

The most common types of garage door repairs required by Manhattan homes are realigning garage door tracks to make sure they lift and drop easily without offering resistance and roll effortlessly along the tracks. Door sensors may also need to be realigned so that they open and close correctly; the internal mechanisms and tracks of a door may need oiling; there may be electrical problems; and connections between remote controls and garage door openers may need to be reinstated.

Besides repairs, New York Gates performs gate maintenance, which is paramount to ensure smooth gate operation and consistent security. If security gates and doors do not operate 100%, any delay in their repair means that a property is exposed to thieves and vandals. To prevent this, New York Gates recommends booking annual gate maintenance ahead of time to every Manhattan customer.

Having professionals perform gate maintenance in Manhattan is also a safety measure. Gate springs, for example, are constantly under pressure and can cause serious injury if not maintained by an experienced technician. Spring balance needs to be inspected so that the tension can be reduced or increased as deemed necessary by an expert. During a gate maintenance check at a Manhattan location, New York Gates may add additional security measures such as a safety restraint cable in case extension springs deteriorate or break over time.

New York Gates ensures that every security door it produces delivers years of dependable operation to guarantee customers safety, security and peace of mind!

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