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Rolling Fire Doors for Queen’s Structures

Advanced fire rated gates help Queens’ business owners secure their properties and employees.

The New York City Fire Department reports that last year in Queens, there were no less than 4,800 fires in structures alone. Of these, 524 were serious enough to require a large response team of at least four units of fire dispatchers. During the first half of this year, there have already been 364 structural fires, of which 41 required all hands on deck.

These statistics serve to remind business owners of the importance of installing rolling fire doors as a safety measure in Queens and all surrounding boroughs. The purpose of these doors is to protect properties and their contents from the devastating effects of fires.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been designing and supplying advanced rolling fire doors to protect businesses in Queens and every tri-state city against disaster. Every door is constructed from the most durable, fire-grade materials to meet the strictest safety and fire standards. They are also created by experts in designing rolling fire doors that truly prevent fires from spreading uncontrollably through structures in Queens.

New York Gates’ rolling fire doors are prevalent in Queens and its surrounding boroughs, not only because of their quality, but because of the company’s focus on customer care. Owners of businesses who wish to install rolling fire doors to protect their Queens application, are faced with many types of designs and models. For this reason, New York Gates staff are on hand to share their expertise and advise them. They are also updated as to the latest regulations regarding fire hazards and gates.

Companies dealing with toxins or chemicals, for example, are required to have fire rated gates according to Queens’ fire department regulations. These gates are also used to divide off corridors that require an emergency exit and also for applications where a swing door is insufficient, such as hospitals or schools. In addition, fire rated gates are widely used in and around Queens to divide large areas such as retail spaces, lobbies, casinos, and museums.

Another requirement might be the installation of listed fire doors in a rated firewall. This means that the fire rated gates used on a certain Queens property must be listed as having met safety standards. They must also be installed in a fire-resistant blockade (firewall) that has been tested and rated as able to prevent fires from spreading within and between structures. The test gauges how long the gate can resist a fire. Fire rated gates produced by New York Gates for any Queens application are tested, listed and rated. They can even close automatically when a fire or smoke alarm is activated preventing the spread of fire for up to 3 hours.

Gates installed by inexperienced workers can malfunction in cases of emergency. For this reason, New York Gates installs, maintains and repairs all of its fire rated gates anywhere in Queens. This is part and parcel of its customer care philosophy and an extra measure to guarantee the safety of properties, livelihoods, income and employees.

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