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Commercial Garage Doors Protect Queens

A residential garage door is the ultimate way to secure a property in and beyond Queens.

An in-depth report by the New York City Department of City Planning shows that most home-owners in Queens have a car even if they live close to public transportation. Moreover, almost half of all commuters listed a car as their primary mode of transport. That’s a lot of cars in a borough with 2.3 million residents. These facts also underscore the importance of installing best-in-class commercial garage doors to protect a mode of transport so important to Queens’ residents.

Commercial garage doors also indicate to potential thieves in and around Queens that a property is well secured. The most recent NYPD statistics report that over the past year, South Queens has seen an increase in grand larceny, which includes auto theft, of 14.6 percent, while North Queens has seen a 26.9 percent rise. This further indicates the importance of having the best commercial garage doors in all areas of Queens.

Before choosing commercial garage doors from a supplier in Queens, it is important to make sure that the company is well established, reputable and offers professional advice. There are many types of commercial and residential garage doors and every application and private residence in and around Queens has a unique structure. For this reason, expert guidance in the decision is essential. This is where New York Gates fits into the picture.

For more than a decade, the company has built up a reputation as a leader in the production and supply of advanced residential garage doors for homes and businesses in Queens and the entire tri-state area. The company is also recognized for its customer support and for going the extra mile to help customers select a garage door that suits their technical requirements and provides unbreachable, year-round security. That means doors that will not malfunction and cause a security breach making a residence and its contents a soft target for break-ins and vandalism. They also need to be easy to operate, functional and durable.

New York Gates’ trained experts also understand the importance of aesthetics. An unsightly residential garage door protecting a Queens property can ruin its appeal as well as lower its re-sale value. To meet all these requirements — both technical and aesthetic, New York Gates uses the industry’s best craftsmen and the most robust and innovative materials. Each gate is built to withstand all weather conditions, frequent use and to accommodate all applications. The company has a vast selection of residential garage door colors, materials, finishes and designs to help customers in Queens and its surrounding boroughs find a perfect match.

To maintain the reputation of its gates and to ensure that customers are fully protected, New York Gates conducts all of its own garage door installations, maintenance and repairs. Gates fitted incorrectly by inexperienced technicians may need expensive repairs, even replacements. Having said that, like any hard working mechanical device, every residential garage door in and around Queens is prone to wear and tear and should be maintained at least once a year. This must also be done by professionals and New York Gates provides this service. No matter its size or where in Queens an application is located, every customer deserves and receives unconditional security and safety.

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