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Rolling Gates Suitable for Queens

Long-term security solutions require superior rolling doors for Queens applications.

Queens is the easternmost and largest in area of the five boroughs of New York City. After its neighbor Brooklyn, Queens has the second largest population of about 2.3 million residents, 48 percent of whom are foreign-born and a total of 138 languages are spoken in the area. This combination of a dense population made up of many different types of individuals, increases the importance of security and therefore of installing rolling gates to protect businesses and homes in Queens.

Thanks to leading rolling gates manufacturers, like New York Gates that services Queens and the entire tri-state area, gates are no longer ugly, industrial-looking contraptions. With more than a decade of experience, the company’s gates are manufactured by experts using the most advanced technology and robust, state-of-the-art materials.

These rolling gates are available in a vast range of colors, materials and finishes to provide customers in Queens with a choice that will not mar the appeal of their business or ruin the exterior of their home. For example, customers may choose a gold, black, or white gate with a half-solid, half-open pattern finish so that customers may see an attractive window display even after closing time and be encouraged to visit the store the next day. The choice also caters to businesses that need to conform to certain brand guides as far as the appearance of their storefront is concerned.

New York Gates understands the importance of aesthetics for businesses trying to subsist despite ever growing competition especially in such a densely populated area as well as for home owners who do not wish to ruin the facade of their house or lower its resale value. The company’s rolling gates are still the most durable and designed to protect every type of application in Queens – be it a retail store, mall, driveway, airport or private residence, against thieves and to deter vandals for the long-term and in all weather conditions.

Another benefit of New York Gates’ rolling doors is that every client in Queens and beyond, also receives expert advice and customer care. Company representatives will take the time to understand their requirements — from building specs, to esthetics and budgets, and offer a rolling door tailored to their Queens application. As part of its service, company representatives are always available for queries and may visit a client on-site. Company professionals are also always sent to install, repair and maintain every rolling door, no matter where the client is located in Queens or any of its surrounding boroughs. Sending its own experts is part of New York Gates’ customer care policy, because unprofessional door installation may cause gates to breakdown and require unnecessary repairs and replacements down the line.

This means that customers who choose New York Gates’ superior rolling gates and rolling doors to protect their Queens home or business, don’t just walk away with a product, but receive a comprehensive security solution that will keep their property and its contents protected well into the future.

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