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Shutters for Queen’s Smaller Applications

Fire shutters are the most effective means of protecting Queens’ smallest businesses.

When people think of security gates they usually imagine heavy-duty contraptions fronting large buildings or gates over shop fronts. However, even the smallest of applications require high-end security. In fact, these are often most vulnerable to thieves and vandals.

Clearly, when space is limited and businesses still need to look attractive whilst having top security, typical, heavy gates are not appropriate. Shutters, however, are the best solution for securing small applications in Queens. These include businesses with small openings, such as duty-free kiosks, window openings, luxury jewelry booths, concession stands and cashier windows, to name a few.

For over a decade, security gate industry stalwarts New York Gates have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of advanced shutters for these exact applications in Queens and the entire tri-state area. These shutters perfectly compliment Queens’ small applications, because they blend in rather than dominate the overall look and feel, even brand, of the business. This is achieved by creating these miniature security gates in the widest range of designs, materials, colors and finishes.

New York Gates ensures that the shutters provide robust, durable security for businesses in and around Queens. Every shutter is made by experienced craftsman using time-proven methods and best-in-class materials. The company treats each customer as an individual offering them tailored solutions and the ultimate client-care experience. As such, experts help customers choose a shutter that provides for all their requirements – from structural to aesthetics, and guarantees unfaltering, long-term security.

The company also manufactures fire shutters for establishments in and around Queens. All shutters are typically fitted with small, flat or curved, 1.5″ slats that can be powder-coated, painted, or galvanized depending on the requirements. The lowest bar can be built from stainless steel or regular steel depending on the application. These shutters are also available in different finishes and colors, for example, stainless steel fire shutters are usually selected for use in Queens’ commercial kitchens, since they combine functionality and style by preventing rust and compliment modern kitchen appliances.

New York Gates’ fire shutters are designed to meet official fire regulations in Queens and its surrounding boroughs. They meet all industry standards from the operational motor within down to the type of paint coating the shutter. Moreover, shutters are supplied with safety features, such as manual, remote or time-controlled operation in case of a power outage; and automatic closing in case of smoke alarms, to prevent bodily harm and fire damage to properties. All shutters are designed to be easy to operate.

To ensure that all fire shutters fully protect staff and properties in Queens, New York Gates conducts its own installations, maintenance and repairs. Services rendered by inexperienced workers may cause shutters to malfunction, which could be disastrous in a case of fire. It may also cause customers to waste money on replacements in the future. No matter where shutters or fire shutters are located in and around Queens and no matter the size of the application, New York Gates specialists are always on-hand to assist customers and to guarantee their safety in all circumstances.

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