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Electric Gate Operators ― for any Brooklyn Application

Only the most advanced rolling gate motors ensure the smooth operation of Brooklyn security doors.

Hand-cranking a security gates every morning before business opens and again when it closes, may be discouraging, especially for staff members. For this reason, security gate experts, New York Gates offers the widest range of state-of-the-art electric gate operators for every kind of Brooklyn application.

These contraptions make security gates a pleasure to operate. However, if electric gate operators are not manufactured by the best suppliers in Brooklyn and the entire tri-stat, that smooth operation is not a given. Only electric gate operators made with the most advanced technology and installed by professionals are durable, dependable and fully-functional in protecting Brooklyn businesses and homes against theft and vandalism.

New York Gates has been a leading manufacturer of electric gate operators as well every type of security gate for more than a decade in Brooklyn and all its surrounding boroughs. This means that the company and its staff have the experience and expertise to understand the technical requirements of every application and to provide customers with a security solution that stands the test of time.

Electric gate operators are typically mounted on gates securing Brooklyn’s most demanding industrial applications, such as loading docks and warehouses, where dependability, functionality and strength are critical features. They are also an excellent solution for spaces requiring sectional doors with a vertical or high lift where manual operation of gates is difficult. They can even be used to operate fire doors. New York Gates offers lighter electric gate operators for gates fronting residential driveways, and smaller commercial applications in and around Brooklyn.

In fact, there is an electric gate operator for any Brooklyn application — some hoist rolling door operator systems, others are suited for trolley operators, sliding garage doors, ordinary garage doors, or less demanding swinging doors.

The company also produces rolling gate motors for Brooklyn businesses. These ‘trolley-type’ operating systems use rails to create a path along which the door can travel. The traveling mechanism is connected to the gate and a chain is linked from the operator to the traveler.

Two models of rolling gate motors, called “hoist and jackshaft operators,” are often used with grille applications in Brooklyn businesses. Fixed on the side of the door or in front of the hood, these operators feature a hand chain or safety lever for manual door operation should electricity fail or batteries die. New York Gates’ rolling gate motors comply with stringent fire and security regulations in Brooklyn and beyond.

Another model is the MG Operator. These robust rolling gate motors are used to drive Brooklyn’s heaviest doors and those with many cycles per hour. Slide Door Operators are rolling gate motors used when areas or passageways, such as Brooklyn warehouses spaces, fire partitions, or freezer doors, need to be partitioned off. These all feature battery backup and security communication.

Knowing which rolling gate motors are best suited to one’s Brooklyn application is no simple matter. For this reason, New York Gates experts are always available to offer customers professional advice in choosing an electric gate operator or rolling gate motor that not only suites their Brooklyn application, but will keep it running smoothly and easily for years to come.

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