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With Arm Barrier Gate Operator Manhattan Runs Smooth

Make sure you that the best sliding gate operator is powering your Manhattan security gate.

Hardly a day goes by without passing through a public driveway — whether it’s in a parking lot, fast-food drive-thru, airport, or shopping mall. This means you’ve probably been on either side of an arm barrier a thousand times or more. While they may seem annoying at times, the arm barrier operators moving these devices are there to keep Manhattan driveways and properties secure.

Arm barrier operators are also designed for the safety of Manhattan residents and employees in areas where the entry of unauthorized vehicles is forbidden. The efficient control of traffic flow in these areas depends largely on the quality and strength of the arm barrier operator itself, regardless of whether it’s a single arm or one with a slide or swing operator.

New York Gates has been a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art arm barrier operators in Manhattan for more than a decade. What makes the company’s operators an excellent choice for any gated application, is that they are engineered by experts using the most advanced technology and in accordance with the city’s most stringent safety and security laws. They come in a wide variety of sizes and models and are typically constructed from a highly durable, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy chassis, which is light enough for one person to carry and install.

To further guarantee the smooth flow of traffic, every arm barrier operator features outstanding starting torque, with some models taking just 2.5 seconds to open or close. New York Gates’ arm barrier operators as well as their DC control and safety sensing devices, feature in-built battery backup so that their Manhattan application continues to function in case of a power outage.

Another company specialty is manufacturing superior sliding gate operators for its Manhattan security gates. As with all gates and their operators, there is a wide variety of sizes and models for different applications. For this reason, New York Gates specialists are always on-hand to help clients choose the best operator for their gate.

Sliding gate operators are typically used to maneuver gates protecting Manhattan retail stores, public service buildings, hotels as well as commercial properties. Most can be used for single or double operations, are fitted with a control board, feature adjustable speeds as well as different voltages and phases. New York Gates’ sliding gate operators for Manhattan gates are thermally protected to guard the motor from overheating in case of high-frequency operation or overload; come with fail secure modes for gate operation in case of a power failure; feature integral entrapment sensing systems with digital set points for accurate adjustment and enhanced safety; and many more advantages. The gates are also designed with ample airflow to prevent wind resistance and drag, which places the operator under undue stress.

Both arm barrier and sliding gate operators in Manhattan should be fitted by professionals like New York Gates. This is the only way to guarantee that the unit is appropriate for the construction and type of gate installed, that it is level and slides freely all the way before installation, and that it performs correctly once fitted. In this way, the life span of the unit will be considerably extended and customers won’t have to waste money on unnecessary repairs and replacements in the future.

New York Gates’ mission is to provide swing and sliding gate operators to its Manhattan customers that guarantee smooth, reliable and secure operation for many years to come!

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