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Rolling Fire Doors Protecting the Bronx

Fire rated gates are the most secure and tested way to avoid property damage in the Bronx.

In 2013, the New York City Fire Department responded 5,634 fires that occurred in structures – 122 (2.2 percent) more than the previous year. Of all fire incidences, 469 were classified as serious. Luckily, most fires are quelled and lives spared, but structures usually bear the most damage. By making sure that premises are protected by rolling fire doors, that damage can be alleviated in and around the Bronx.

New York Gates has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art rolling fire doors suitable for any application in the Bronx. Every door is crafted by industry experts from the most resilient fire-grade materials, using the latest techniques, and according to the most stringent industry standards for safety and fire hazards. In fact, rolling fire doors are even used to protect fire departments in the Bronx and its surrounding boroughs. Not only do they suit almost any application, but they are vital for businesses dealing with chemicals or toxins, such as commercial kitchens and machinery rooms. They are also used to divide retail spaces or areas in museums, elevator lobbies and casinos. Moreover, rolling fire doors are a highly effective way of dividing corridors, such as those in hospitals or schools in the Bronx, or in a location that requires emergency exits where regular swing doors are inadequate.

With so many technical issues to consider, New York Gates experts offer customers advice as to which fire rated gates best suit their Bronx application. The company is also fully up-to-date with official safety requirements and can help clients. For example, a business may be instructed to install fire rated gates by the Bronx fire department or they may be ordered to install a listed fire door in a rated firewall. A listed door is one that is certified as safe in-line with industry standards. A rated firewall is a fireproof barrier that has been tested for fire-resistance and then rated for its ability to prevent fires from spreading between or through buildings.

New York Gates’ fire rated gates designated for buildings in the Bronx have also passed a fire-resistant test measuring how long they can withstand fire. In order to prevent the spread of a fire for up to three hours, doors can be programmed to close automatically when there is smoke, a fire alarm or other safety device system. This gives fire units time to respond to a fire and prevent a catastrophe.

New York Gates also offers customers another reliable measure to prevent fires — by carrying out all of its own installations of fire rated gates in and around the Bronx. If installations, as well as maintenance and repairs, are not performed by experts, fire doors may malfunction when they are most needed with disastrous consequences. This is just another way in which the company guarantees that its customers are safe and that their properties and livelihoods are secure — no matter what their application is, no matter its size and no matter where it is located in the tri-state area.

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