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Rolling Aluminum Grilles for a Safer Manhattan

Every business needs security ― rolling mall grills are Manhattan’s answer.

Rolling aluminum grills are the perfect solution to keep Manhattan’s smaller businesses safe. While there are many types of security gates, these are the ultimate choice for restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

Rolling aluminum grills may be the right choice for a Manhattan shop, but the choice of a supplier is even more important. There are many out there, but New York Gates is among their leaders. An industry stalwart for more than ten years, the company has dedicated itself to manufacturing best-in-class rolling aluminum grills for its clients in Manhattan and the entire tri-state area. ‘Best-in-class’ means that gates are crafted by industry experts from premium materials and finishes that guarantee quality, durability and exceptional performance.

Since there are so many different types of security gates to choose from, the company’s professionals offer customers advice – even visiting their premises for two reasons. Firstly, from its vast experience, rolling aluminum grills are best for Manhattan shops located inside a building, such as a mall. They are as durable, but not as heavy-looking as a steel grille. Their elegant look also suits smaller businesses compared to gates selected to protect vast premises like loading docks.

Secondly, New York Gates’ customer care philosophy means revealing honestly small, yet highly significant differences in gates that ordinary business owners may not be aware of. The aim is to prevent clients from wasting money on buying unsuitable gates and paying for unnecessary replacements down the line.

Thirdly, the company shares technical details with customers to help them find the right gate ― an aluminum grill curtain wire, for example, can be made from 5/16 inch steel or an aluminum hollow wire and standard aluminum grilles can be up to 16 inches wide. The correct installation and professional repair of rolling mall grills in Manhattan is also essential in guaranteeing security.

A standard aluminum grill installation requires oil tempered torsion springs, an aluminum grill curtain, steel brackets for wall attachments, continuous steel wall angles, extruded aluminum guides, a steel pipe barrel, and possibly an aluminum or galvanized steel hood.

There are many small businesses located inside malls and these have unique security requirements against thieves and vandals ― as does the mall itself. They also have specific technical specifications, which New York Gates considers during the grill’s production process. Also, a rolling mall grill destined for a Manhattan store can be made from lighter material that’s easier on the eye than a steel grill. They are designed with a plastic sleeve coating and don’t rust. To install rolling mall grills for these Manhattan applications, the company uses a distinct technique to mount the gate to sheet rock.

Additionally, when installing grills on a brick wall, special brick bolts are used that are a 1/2 inch wide and 2.5 inches long. If the gate is massive, like those protecting the mall’s entrance, bolts should be 3/4 inches wide and 3 inches long. There are other details especially significant to a mall environment ― for example, when walls and floors are made of concrete, the gate is mounted at a 3″x3″ angle and welded on top to the structure’s beam. If there is no frame, one must be installed out of wood or steel.

New York Gates makes 100 percent sure that its rolling mall grills for Manhattan stores will provide a comprehensive solution that will attract customers and keep businesses safe for years to come.

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