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Broken Spring Repair Protects Queens

Fast electric gate repair is the surest way to ward off thieves and vandals in Queens.

According to the most recent statistics collected by the FBI from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, there were 2,840 robberies, 3,891 burglaries, 24,182 cases of theft, and 1,608 cases of motor vehicle theft in Queens in 2012. The data is released a year later (i.e. year-end 2013) due to the enormity of the task. The statistics are below the national average, however they are still a blatant reminder of the importance of installing top security gates to protect homes and businesses.

For more than a decade, Industry specialists New York Gates have been manufacturing state-of-the-art security gates of every type and for any application in the entire tri-state area. However, no matter how advanced gates are, they need regular maintenance given that they are all prone to wear and tear. The need for broken spring repair is common and New York Gates provides this service to its customers in Queens and all its surrounding boroughs. In fact, the company does all its own installations, maintenance and repair to further secure properties and their contents.

If a security gate needs broken spring repair, New York Gates responds immediately to prevent the Queens property from being exposed to break-ins due to a security breach. The reason why the company emphasizes the importance of broken spring repair to its Queens’ customers, is that springs are a fundamental component of every type of gate. They are also the mechanisms that endure the most strain. It the band springs break, the gates come off their tracks and fail to operate. Signs of spring damage are gates that feel heavy to lift or won’t lift at all.

Another expert service offered by New York Gates is electric gate repair for customers anywhere in and around Queens. While electric gates may be extremely strong, as are those manufactured by the company, they also experience wear and tear. A gate may come off its tracks, become misaligned, sustain weather damage, a spring may break, or wiring may deteriorate with time. Whatever the reason, electric gate repair must be carried out by an expert in Queens, because mistakes may result in further damage and leave a home or business exposed.

For this reason, when there is a necessity for an electric gate repair in Queens, New York Gates sends a company specialist almost immediately to appraise the problem and to carry out the repair. Each customer receives the same level of service no matter whether their application is a fire shutter, warehouse, or small concession stand.

To reduce the need for electric gate repair in the first place, the company assists its customers in and around Queens in choosing a security door that matches the technical specifications of their application. The company also advises customers to book annual maintenance in advance.

In the United States, around 2 million home burglaries are reported annually, a home is burgled almost every 13 seconds, and homes with no security systems are 300% more likely to be targets. Nevertheless, only 17% of homes have a security system. Immediate and expert broken spring and electric gate repair is an excellent way for residents in and around Queens to ensure their safety all-year round and to make sure their homes and businesses do not become another statistic.

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