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Electric Gate Operators for Staten Island Security

Advanced rolling gate motors keep Staten Island’s security gates running smoothly for the long-term.

In today’s difficult economic times, business owners are very concerned about how best to protect their properties and their contents from thieves and vandals. They consider many types of security solutions from alarms to electric gates. For more than a decade, New York Gates been a leading manufacturer of advanced security gates for every type of application and in its vast experience, the electric gate operators within are the most essential factor in securing Staten Island applications.

Security gates have come a long way since their old hand-cranked counterparts. Today, gates are sophisticated and mechanical and to remain at the forefront of the industry, the company stays up-to-date with all advances in the design of their internal operating mechanisms. Moreover, all gates and their electric gate operators are manufactured using the latest technology and best-in-class materials available in Staten Island and beyond.

New York Gates produces a wide range of electric gate operators to make sure that every client in Staten Island and the entire tri-state can find one that perfectly fits their application. They are also designed to offer ease-of-use, safety and longevity. The company’s experts have the experience and knowledge required to install electric gate operators to make sure that the gates function perfectly and properties are protected — no matter where in Staten Island they may be located. Applications that require electric gate operators are usually very demanding industrial applications, such as warehouses and loading docks where smooth operation, reliability and strength against daily wear and tear, is essential. In addition, these operators are installed on fire doors or vertical and high-lift sectional security gates where manual operation would be unfeasible.

Whatever the requirement, New York Gates has the solution and its experts are able to advice customers as to which operators they need. For example, the company manufactures lighter electric gate operators for applications such as residential driveways and smaller commercial applications in Staten Island. Some applications require regular garage door operators, while others need rolling, trolley, sliding or swinging operators.

Other applications are more suited to say rolling gate motors, another product manufactured by the company for gates protecting businesses in and around Staten Island. These are ‘trolley-type’ operating systems that use rails to create a path along which the door runs. The gate is connected to a moving device, which in turn is connected by a chain to the motor. Another model — “hoist and jackshaft” rolling gate motors, are typically use to operate Staten Island’s grille applications. They are attached to the side of the gate or in front of the hood and, in case of electricity failure or batteries dying, can be operated by hand with a chain or safety lever. For heavy duty gates with many rotations per hour, New York Gates recommends extremely robust MG rolling gate motors, while slide door operators are a model of rolling gate motors recommended for sectioning off warehouse areas, fire partitions, or freezer doors in Staten Island. These are supplied with security communication and reserve batteries.

To make sure that its rolling gate motors keep gates in Staten Island running smoothly and providing failproof security, New York Gates experts carry out all installations, maintenance and repairs. The motors also meet the most stringent industry fire and security regulations. This company takes no chances when it comes to their customers’ safety, livelihoods and peace of mind.

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