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Garage Door Repair by Staten Island Experts

Expert gate maintenance is key to ensuring top security for Staten Island businesses and homes.

You did the research, purchased a garage door, had it installed, and suddenly it stops working. Your supplier doesn’t do repairs and now your property is a sitting duck for burglars or vandals! What to do? Don’t despair. New York Gates has more than a decade of experience in producing the most reliable and advanced residential and commercial garage doors for any application, as well as a reputation for its quick and superb garage door repair services to clients in Staten Island and all its surrounding boroughs.

Even the highest caliber gates, such as those produced by the company, are mechanical devices that require maintenance. In fact, they are probably the hardest working devices in one’s home or business. As such, it is common that at some point they will require a garage door repair to continue securing a Staten Island property. The secret to achieving that ongoing security and peace-of-mind, is to put one’s safety in the hands of experts, like New York Gates, who are able to provide a full service security solution.

For New York Gates, “full service” starts with the quality of its products. Gates are manufactured by leading experts, using the latest tried and tested techniques, from the highest quality, robust materials that meet all industry safety regulations. Gates are also made in different styles, finishes and colors to suit a wide variety of applications. The next step is understanding each customer’s requirements — from the technical aspects of their application to their aesthetic preferences. Then, it involves helping them choose a gate that will perfectly suit the application, and their preferences, even visiting them on-site if necessary. It also involves sending experienced experts to do every gate installation, which is essential in preventing damage and to ensure that gates operate properly for the long-term. Gates, especially those operating in high-traffic areas such as warehouses or loading docks, do experience weather damage and wear-and-tear, hence another aspect of “full service” is being available for garage door repair if and when required, no matter where clients are in Staten Island. Last, but certainly not least, it means respecting every client, giving them individualized service, an excellent customer care experience, and never abandoning them — or their safety.

The most common types of repair and gate maintenance required for Staten Island applications, include realigning tracks to ensure garage doors lift and lower easily, run smoothly along the tracks; adjusting or restoring door sensors; oiling tracks and internal mechanisms; repairing electrical problems; and restoring connections between doors and remotes.

To prevent these problems, New York Gates recommends regular and timely gate maintenance to be scheduled by Staten Island clients. Naturally, gate maintenance is another specialized service offered by the company to Staten Island customers to ensure reliable and steadfast gate operation and continuous security against vandalism and break-ins. As with installations and repairs, gate maintenance must be executed by Staten Island experts.

During gate maintenance New York Gates specialists may add security measures to a gate installed in Staten Island and its surrounds, to improve their functionality and security, especially if they are an old model. Once again, this is part and parcel of providing the full service clients deserve, to guarantee that their gates continue to provide complete security and most importantly, to keep them safe!

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