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Rollup Gates for Queens’ Success

Success starts with reliable security and rolling down gates for every business in Queens!

Of New York City’s five boroughs, Queens has the second largest population (2.3 million residents of which 48 percent are foreign-born) and the second-largest economy, yet the most diversified one. There are businesses of all types and sizes with jobs spread evenly across the retail trade, manufacturing, health-care, education, transportation, construction, and film and television production sectors. Its airports, JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, are among the busiest in the world. The borough also has around 40,000 small businesses.

Every single one of these establishments requires safety and security around the clock, all year through. While this may seem challenging given the above data, the solution is relatively simple – state-of-the-art rollup gates to protect Queens’ applications.

In these uncertain economic times, investing in rollup gates in Queens and the entire tri-state area, is essential for every business and New York Gates, a leading security gate manufacturer with over a decade of experience, works with clients on an individual basis to make sure that their property and its contents are protected.

Of course, small businesses are not the only targets and the company supplies rollup gates tailored for private homes in Queens as well as for high traffic areas, such as warehouses, loading docks, and applications that require state-of-the-art security. The company also produces rollup gates for office spaces and buildings in Queens — no matter their size or specifications, there is a turnkey solution for each application.
While most people know they need security, they are often concerned that rolling down gates will ruin the appearance of their Queens business, home or building. However, New York Gates manufactures gates in a wide range of materials, colors, designs and finishes. The most common rolling down gates installed in Queens are solid, galvanized gates with an 18″, 20″, or 22″ gauge and 4″ and 3″ curved slats or 3″ flat slats.
There are many reasons why New York Gates has built up a reputation as a supplier of choice in the tri-state area and has many returning customers. Every gate comes with a guarantee that it is manufactured by experienced craftsmen using laser precision and from the most durable materials available. All rollup and rolling down gates are also made according to the most stringent industry security standards and legal requirements in Queens and beyond. For example, new laws will require that at least 70 percent of the area covered by security gates should be see-through to reduce vandalism. The company keeps customers updated and has a range of designs that meet such regulations.
As an extra measure of customer care, company experts help every client choose a rolling down gate perfectly suited to their Queens application in terms of esthetics as well as structural and mechanical aspects. Furthermore, the company carries out its own installations and maintenance, since unprofessional installations may lead to gate malfunctions and cause clients to waste money down the line on repairs and even replacements.

In short, by providing clients with long-term and uninterrupted security so that they can focus on their business, New York Gates contributes to the continued success of the borough and the safety of its residents.

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