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New York Gates is a leading manufacturer of advanced, premium commercial and residential security gates with more than a decade of experience. The gates are not only of the highest level of quality available in Manhattan, but you can count on New York Gates as a one-stop shop for all your security needs — from purchasing the actual gate, to installing it and servicing it as well. Customers also benefit by having all services implemented by our own, trusted, and highly experienced expert technicians who install, maintain and repair all types of roll up gates, security gates, window gates and garage doors, no questions asked.

In fact, what sets the company apart is its outstanding level of customer service, support and care and, unlike other gate companies, we do not limit ourselves to servicing just one area of the city, but go wherever you need us — no matter where your business or home is located in and Manhattan or the entire tri-state area.

Our services are also available at a moment’s notice. New York Gates is one of the few companies that offers emergency and same day gate repair to customers in Manhattan, no matter how large or small the application. The reason is that if security doors and gates do not operate perfectly, any delay in their repair leaves a property vulnerable to vandals and thieves. To prevent emergencies occurring in the first place, we recommend that customers book annual gate maintenance ahead of time. However, breakdowns do occur especially given the wear and tear endured by security gates — no matter how resilient they are and how advanced their internal mechanisms. Hence, offering same day services is just another way we guarantee that your gates operate smoothly and provide consistent security so that you can rest assured that your home or business — and its contents, are safe and sound around the clock.

Our offices are centrally located in Brooklyn to further guarantee that all our customers receive prompt and reliable attention, no matter where they are.

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