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Of all New York City’s five boroughs, Staten Island has the most rapid population growth, which means a nascent community of business as well as home owners — many of whom have wisely installed security gates for their protection. New York Gates is proud to be able to offer this important destination the most advanced security gates manufactured by industry experts from the most resilient materials and using the latest techniques to meet the requirements of any type of application. The company also offers the most comprehensive service to clients in Staten Island.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has built up a reputation as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art security gates and doors for every type of business or home — be it a private residence, retail store, huge mall, public driveway, or high traffic warehouse. Customers who choose the company benefit from a one stop shop experience from professional advice in choosing which gate meets their security, technical and aesthetic needs including on-site visits if required, through to gate installation, repair and maintenance. The importance of having trained experts install the gates is paramount. Gates not installed or repaired by a professional may lead to mechanical failures and damage, which can not only incur unnecessary costs for customers, but can jeopardize the security of the property, leaving it a soft target for vandals and thieves.

New York Gates is also one of the few gate companies to offer same day and emergency gate repair to clients in Staten Island and the entire tri-state area. No matter what the size of the application (whether it is a tiny kiosk shutter) or the type of emergency (even a lost key), response is immediate and every call is treated with the same level of seriousness. Moreover, every repair is performed by an expert technician — no questions asked and no matter where in the borough the client is located. This level of attention is part of the company’s high standards when it comes to customer care that starts with gate purchase and continues for years to come to make sure that every client receives the security they need and deserve!

To provide such incredible, fast and unwavering service to customers in Staten Island and its neighboring boroughs, New York Gates is centrally located in Brooklyn.

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